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Do you want to sell your house?

In Mar Dénia real estate we value your home. We use our database to estimate home value. We extract the average value of the square meter of the population or district. We calculate the average price per square meter and average number of bedrooms of similar homes within a radius of 500 meters around the valued house. Based on this information, the state of the house and age, we apply the corrective factors to the price.
Finally we obtain a sale price of the house very adjusted to reality.

Our communication tools allow us to disseminate the properties within an exclusive distribution circuit. We incorporate the properties in the real estate portals with more diffusion of the national and international panorama.

We take care of all the processing of the purchase / sale, from the beginning to the end.

We have a legal service for any need or doubt.

We work in a firm and transparent way, this allows us the full confidence of our customers.



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